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KPS sport

KPS Sport

Yr 3 - 6 children participate in a variety of sport instruction every Friday afternoon in winter (Terms 2 & 3) and every Friday morning in summer (Terms 1 & 4).

Students walk with their teachers to the University of NSW, where they receive expert coaching and participate in many sports, competitive and non-competitive.  Sports include basketball, soccer, cricket, yoga, hockey, swimming, athletics, gymnastics and aerobics (on a rotating basis). 

AFL instruction is also offered by NSW AFL and lessons are held at Ash Paddock in Centennial Park.

In Terms 1 and 4, dance instruction takes place in the school hall.


A weekly swimming program operates for weak or non-swimmers. 

The ability to swim can mean the difference between life and death. As such, swimming is a top priority in our Sport Program. No child can play in PSSA Sporting teams or participate in other School Sport groups until they can pass the swimming test, which includes being able to swim 25m.

Children in Years 3 - 6 who are learning to swim safely, participate in a one hour per week swimming lesson at the University of NSW pool for School Sport on Friday.  They are taught by qualified swimming coaches and supervised by teachers.

Intensive swimming classes for Year 2 students are held over 10 days (1 hour per day) and include water safety and water awareness, stroke correction and technique. If students do not pass the swimming test at the end of the program they will continue their swimming lessons in Year 3 for School Sport.

Practice sessions outside school hours assist in achieving and maintaining safe swimming abilities.

P.S.S.A. Sport

Some students in years 3-6 participate in P.S.S.A. competitive sports. These include:

  • Summer (Terms 1 & 4) - Oz Tag/Cricket/AFL
  • Winter (Terms 2 & 3) - AFL, football and netball


K - 2 students participate in the Sportspro Program on Wednesdays in the playground, and general fitness  is conducted throughout the week for years K - 2.

K-2 Sportspro rotational program for Term 1.

Kindergarten T1 Program (pdf 936 KB)

Years 1&2 Program T1 (pdf 928 KB)

K-2 Sportspro rotational program for Terms 3&4.

Kindergarten Sports Skills (pdf 1180 KB)

Kindergarten Gymnastics (pdf 929 KB)

Year 1 Gymnastics (pdf 944 KB)

Years 1 and 2 Sports Skills (pdf 1179 KB)

Year 2 Gymnastics (pdf 941 KB)

Dance Skills (pdf 649 KB)

Sport Carnivals

Swimming Carnival  -  Des Renford Aquatic Centre

Athletics Carnival  -  ES Marks Field

Cross-Country  -  Centennial Park

Emphasis is on participation and events cater for all students (non-swimmers/athletes as well as more able competitors). Children are selected from these Carnivals to represent the school at District through to National levels.

School Houses (Sporting Groups)

RED                -           Mirabooka

YELLOW        -           Pindaree

BLUE              -           Balamarra

GREEN          -           Kurpinta

Students are placed in houses on enrolment, with siblings placed in the same house. Students remain in the same house until they leave Kensington Public School.  Houses compete against each other at Sports Carnivals, and in a weekly competition in which points are awarded and the winning house is announced weekly.

Medical Insurance

In the event of injury, no personal injury insurance is provided by the Department of Education and Communities in relation to school sporting activities, physical education lessons or any other school acitvity. Parents and caregivers are advised to assess the level and extent of their child's invovlement in the sports program offered by the school, school sporting zone, region and state school sports association when deciding whether additional insurance cover is required. Personal accident insurance cover is available through normal retail insurance outlets.

The NSW Supplementary Sporting Injury Benefits Scheme, funded by the NSW government, provides limited cover for serious injury resulting in the permanent loss of a prescribed faculty or the use of some prescribed part of the body. Further information can be obtained from the following link - NSW Supplementary Sporting Injury Benefits Scheme.